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Southern Islands | Sentosa

Lazarus Bay

Looking to leave the grey claustrophobic concrete canyons? How about some sun, sea, sand and breeze? Rent a luxury yacht from us for not so luxury price. We kid you not! Here in Singapore, this is the most unique, different, relaxing and experiential thing to do within the sunny shores of Singapore. Starting from $65 per person, you can have a gala time on a private yacht which costs millions of dollars without even owning it. Choose from the large fleet of yachts we have to offer and make it the most memorable time of your life.

St. John’s Island and Kusu island

Saint John’s is one of the southern islands in Singapore. It is located 12 nautical miles south of Singapore. The island famous for its history as a penal settlement but is now a holiday resort. It has a significant history where Sir Stamford Raffles anchored off St John's Island on 28 February 1819 before heading to mainland Singapore the next day before his historic meeting to establish Singapore as a British colonial port.
In the mid 20th Century, when mass immigration was closed, the island used to be home to penal settlement and used a drug rehabilitation centre. Today we associate the island with scenic beaches, picnic spots and holiday chalets.

Pulau Ubin and Coney Island

A easily accommodated within a half day or full day charter. These sheltered waters are always calm. The rich flora and fauna of Pulau Ubin and Southern Johore are easily observable from the yacht.
This passage could also include swimming at the beach on the north of Ubin or Coney Island, a seafood lunch (on the Kelongs) onshore at Ponggol or at South Ubin, or a visit to the quiet backwaters of Pulau Ketam.



Puteri Harbour | Pulau Aur | Tioman | Sebana Cove | Langkawi

Langkawi and the South Thai Islands

A trip of four to seven days in the area of Langkawi (Malaysia) and the islands of Thailand just across the border, reveals a cruising ground with a variety of spectacular sights and sheltered anchorages, all National Parks, most of them visited if at all by a tiny number of tourists, back-packers mostly, by day in small ferries. The islands and places we visit are separated by no more than four to five hour voyages.
The best time for such a trip is in Jan to March, when the skies are clear and a fresh North East Monsoon breeze blows consistently offshore, raising only slight to moderate waves.

Sebana Cove

Sebana Cove is in the Johor Straits of the state of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It is about 18 nautical miles up the Santi River from the eastern tip of Singapore. The narrow river crossing provides a scenic route upto the beautiful and remote resort. The Sebana Coveresort has been recently renovated. One of the most tranquil and serene spots and so close to Singapore. One needs to have enough provision onboard as the local stores are a taxi ride away with limited provisions. If you are looking to relax from the hustle bustle of the city, this is a good choice.



Bintan | Batam | Bali | Riau | Mapur | Nikoi | Anambas Islands

For us folks living in Singapore, Indonesian islands of Batam, Bintaan are a spitting distance away. These are accessible via short ferry ride from Singapore. However, due to tourists from Singapore, these islands have become crowded and also expensive to some extent. Imagine if you could a private yacht to not only these islands but some terrific scenic spots nearby at Mapur and Nikoi islands?! Yes, this can be a reality, take the 3 day off to explore these beauties and stay away from regret!




The waters surrounding Phuket offer ideal sailing conditions all year round. The peak season from November to April with winds from the North East offers champagne sailing conditions and during the green season from May to October the winds prevail from the SW. The famous Phang Nga Bay, the southern islands, Krabi, Phi Phi and Similans are wonderful to discover and perfectly safe for sailing holidays.




Myanmar (Burma) is a unique yacht charter destination that offers plenty of uninhabited islands and unexplored waters. The cruising route of deserted which makes it extraordinary topped with diverse flora and fauna. The islands are dense with rain forests and waters are characterised by limestone and granite terrain. Along the coast, once can find unending stretches of mangroves and white sand beaches. Definitely one of the rare destinations where major parts remain unexplored by mankind. One of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world!