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Social Distancing Rules onboard a Yacht


It is with great pleasure to announce that some of our Yachts have been approved to accommodate more than 5 guests during Phase 2.

But of course we are in the midst of a pandemic, hence the approvals come from Maritime and Port Authority with a set of Safety Management rules to keep everyone safe from COVID19. 

  • Temperature check at the marina and safe entry to be done
  • For bookings with more than 5 persons, you will be divided in pods of 5
  • One metre safe distancing between sub groups on and off board 
  • Need to wear masks at all times except while eating, drinking or doing water activities
  • Intermingling between groups will not be allowed
  • Captain has the right to end the charter and return back to marina and disembark guests if rules are not followed

For more details, kindly read through the circular by Maritime and Port Authority MPA Circular

We need your acknowledgement that you have read through the rules. We request your cooperation in the matter. 
We are striving to ensure that you have a good time and at the same time adhere to rules and regulations 
Thank you for hearing us out and lets all do our part to overcome this pandemic. 

Stay safe!