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***Chartering a yacht has MAJOR appeal at the moment - Special rates and FREE BBQ service for SSEW!!!***

OH just to experience the wind in your hair and feel some sort of decadent travel experience! I can see this being a lifeline to many and with the special offer from Yacht Bookings Singapore this is VERY appealing indeed…

5 Hour cruise for 5 pax, $700 weekdays / $800 weekends. Includes FREE use of BBQ grill and cooking service (usually $80). Bring your own food and beverages. All Corkage fees waived. Mention SSEW when you contact to book. Book until 31 August, Sail until 30 September.

With this offer you can cruise to Lazarus Island for a day out at sea with your friends or for family fun! Enjoy a BBQ onboard, water sports, swimming, stroll on the beach and explore this quiet and uninhabited island. Leave your cares on the mainland and pretend you are anywhere in the world!

AND…. 24hr BOATCATIONS are also available!!!!!!!!

A great way to make sure your special occasion is AWESOME! Especially for corporates, birthdays, anniversaries, special gatherings and wedding solemnisations. You can choose from a large fleet of yachts for your memorable time out at sea.

Yacht Bookings Singapore has been Singapore’s leading Yacht Charter provider for 15 years so they really know their stuff.

From what I’ve read on their Google reviews this company and the people who run it are ADORED - probably because they go the extra mile to ensure your experience is just magnificent AND affordable.

Enjoy the wind in your hair and get out to sea!