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Phase 3 - All our yachts are approved for up to 8 pax

As Singapore enters Phase 3 on December 28, 2020, the yacht charter industry has been given approval for up to 8 guests onboard any yacht.

The conditions are:

1. Contact tracing procedures such as SafeEntry and temperature checks for all persons who board the pleasure craft. Persons with a fever or who display any visible respiratory symptoms will not be allowed to board the craft.

2. Every individuals onboard must wear a mask at all times except while eating, drinking or doing water activities.

3. Activities disallowed: Self-service buffet lines, self cooking of BBQ food, live music, radio broadcasts and all forms of television/video screenings and other forms of entertainment such as dancing, darts or karaoke are not allowed onboard. Recorded music may be played only as soft background music, not exceeding 60 decibels.

Gatherings of more than 8 persons onboard any pleasure craft are prohibited. However, exemptions can be granted with prior approval for the following craft and activity:

a) SZH-licensed pleasure craft activities (some yachts have approval for more than 8 pax but the booking has to be separate and distinct) 

No social gathering of more than 8 persons— Social gathering of more than 8 persons is not allowed even if they are split into sub-groups of not more than 8 persons. The 8-person sub-groups must be from separate and distinct groups (the groups must not know each other)

No intermingling and ensure safe distancing between the sub-groups—Intermingling between the sub-groups is not allowed. Also, the SZH operator is required to ensure that there is safe distancing between the sub-groups at all times. The sub-groups are required to remain in their designated areas as indicated by the Crew

The sub-groups must  not congregate especially during water sport activities and embarkation/disembarkation.

Marriage solemnisation onboard SZ-licensed pleasure craft (upto 50 guests allowed. Separate set of SMM rules apply).

We thank you and all our clients for their support and remind all to remain vigilant to achieve a COVID-safe Singapore.