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Its Time to let your love set sail - Yacht weddings


Wedding days are special occasions that deserve a unique and memorable celebration. Choosing the right wedding venue is crucial to the overall experience and determines many details like guest lists, decorations, and dining options. Many couples prefer to have their outdoor ceremony at waterfront locations; the ocean makes for a picturesque backdrop. Why not be completely surrounded by blue, instead? Here are four reasons to have your wedding on a yacht : 

1. It comes with breathtaking views 

Getting married on the water is a visual treat. The endless and dazzling expanse of ocean, the vistas of city lights and landscapes – not to mention the warm and vibrant sunset are just a few of the spectacular sights you will see on a yacht wedding. There are opportunities for fabulous photos during the famous golden hour, as well as a stunning sunset backdrop for your wedding ceremony. 

2. It’s all-inclusive and convenient 

Planning a wedding can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming. If you're too busy ticking all the boxes on your wedding list, you may forget to enjoy your big day. We can assist in making all the arrangements for the theme, décor, photography, videography, officiating the ceremony, food, and beverages. By partnering with reliable vendors, we will ensure that every detail is well taken care of.  

3. It’s personal 

No weddings are alike! Some couples prefer elaborate and lavish celebrations, while others prefer something simple and laidback where nature and the scenic views add a special touch of their own. Our fleet of yachts allows you to do your wedding the way you want. Whether it’s a small gathering or up to 150 guests, an intimate affair, or a full-blown celebration, we can help make your day unforgettable. 

4. It's unexpected and hence unique!

If you’re looking for a venue that truly sets your wedding apart, setting sail is an experience you and your guests won’t soon forget. They can kick back, champagne in hand, and dance and chat all the while. Yacht weddings are glorious because they are uninterrupted affairs. With all the events under one roof, from ceremony to reception, your guests will not have to travel to multiple places. 

“Kiran made sure our wedding was a memorable occasion, helping us not only in booking a great sailing catamaran (Dakota, 47ft Fotaine Pajot) and crew but also with the florist, cameraman, food and beverage and solemnizer” is one of the comments from a couple who got married on our yacht. 

There is nothing more magical than reciting your vows on the water surrounded by loved ones. A yacht wedding is a perfect way to do a fancy yet fun, romantic yet light-hearted wedding.