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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Boat Licence In Singapore

Despite living on an nation surrounded by water, most Singaporeans may have a car licence, but not a boat licence. While a boat licence may not be directly useful in day-to-day transportation unlike a car licence, it is useful for people who wish to go offshore for fishing trips as well as those who wish to go island hopping for leisure. Getting a boat licence is relatively inexpensive in Singapore compared to a car licence, and some people have taken less than 3 months to obtain their licence. Here is a guide to getting a licence, and the costs associated with it.

The Types Of Licences And Its Requirements

Firstly, there are 2 kinds of licences, the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL) and the Advanced Powered Pleasure Driving Licence (APPCDL). The PPCDL is required for driving engine-powered / jet-propelled boats shorter than 24 metres within the port limits (including jet skis), and the APPCDL is for boats longer than 24 metres. APPCDL students need to first complete the PPCDL course before they can enrol.

To qualify for the PPCDL, students must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Complete a mandatory weekend course in handling of a Powered Pleasure Craft.

For the APPCDL, students must:

For the PPCDL, learners must produce a valid medical forim that states no physical handicaps and pass a sght test. The form is available on Singapore Polytechnic’s website and can be filled out by GPs and Polyclinics. As for the cost of the eye checkup, it will range from $24 to $60. This is no longer required for an APPCDL since the student would have previously met the medical requirements when they did their PPDCL.

Steps To Getting The License

Step 1: Attend Mandatory Weekend Course

The Maritime Port Authority mandates that all PPCDL and APPCDL learners must book and participate in a weekend course provided by training centres. The course is typically conducted over 2 days, and certificates of attendance will be issued upon completion.

For the PPCDL training centres, they are:

  • Changi Sailing Club
  • Marina Country Club
  • ONE15 Marina Club
  • Raffles Marina
  • Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
  • SAF Yacht Club
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Singapore Powerboat Association

For APPCDL, only the Singapore Maritime Academy is certified as a training centre. APPCDL students must first complete the BOSST/STCW course before attending the mandatory weekend course, which ranges from $190.50 to $490.50 depending on citizenship status.

Step 2: Theory Test

After obtaining the certificate of attendance for the mandatory weekend course, learners must register for the theory test on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal.  The test will then be held at Singapore Polytechnic. The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions with a passing score of 26.

Do remember to bring along either your NRIC or passport along with the certificate of attendance for the weekend course and the completed medical form. For the PPCDL, the theory test is a flat fee of $21.60. For the APPCDL, the theory test fees are included in the $1199.

Step 3: Practical Test

The practical assessment will be held at PolyMarina where there will be a hands-on and oral test. To pass, there must also be less than 20 demerit points.

Do take note that the original copy of the theory result slip and your NRIC or passport is needed. For the PPCDL, the practical test costs $109. For the APPCDL, the practical test fees are included in the $1199.

Step 4: Application

The final step will be to submit your NRIC or passport and a recent passport-sized photograph along with a copy of the result slip to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s website. The application fee is $20 for both the PPCDL and the APPCDL.

Total Cost

Various factors will affect the total costs of the licence such as which training centre one selects and whether refresher lessons are needed.




Weekend Course

$262.50 – $436

Eye Checkup

$24 – $60

Theory Tests


Practical Tests


PPCDL Application Fee



$437.10 – $646.60




Weekend Course + Theory test + Practical test


APPCDL Application Fee



$190.50 – $490.50 (After SkillsFuture funding)


$$1,409.50 – $1,709.50

Learners who are not confident of passing can sign up for refresher courses costing $100 to practice the skills and be more confident of passing.

More Than A Fishing Licence

With a licence, you can now operate a powered pleasure craft within Singapore’s waters which includes Lazarus Island and Pulau Ubin. Many boat rental companies also offer flexible plans if you do not own a boat and wish to self-pilot the vessel. There is a wide variety of boats available ranging from small dinghies to fishing boats and even jet skis.

However, do take note that many companies will have a compulsory induction program that cost around $190 depending on the company. Companies might also limit rentals to those above 21. The PPCDL is also not recognised overseas which means that boats are not allowed to sail in international waters and open seas.