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FUN AT SEA! Add to your to do list while you are in Singapore!

Alex Lam
Leave the claustrophobic grand concrete canyons and unwind in Singapore! How do you do that? In a city of blinding lights and traffic everywhere you turn!

Hire a yacht and go out sea! You must be thinking – no lah, that so expensive to do.

So here’s a MYTH BUSTER – It is as inexpensive as $65 per person. Yes, you read that right!

Hiring a yacht in Si ngapore for 4 hours on a weekday costs $65 per person. Now there are many yachts to choose from but I am taking up the cheapest one. Now what will be the most expensive one - $100 per person! That’s what you spend on a weekend in Clarke Quay or maybe for 30 minutes of fun at IFLY.


Why not take your family out or host a birthday party at sea instead of land.

  1. The cost is the same maybe lesser
  2. The experience is unique and different
  3. The most relaxing thing to do
  4. The most different thing to do
  5. The most important one – Create an unforgettable memory!


 What are the effects of going out to sea?

  • Unwind & relax
  • Away from the crowds, to an uninhabitable island
  • Swim, do water activities, get outdoors
  • BBQ or buffet – the sea make you hungry, eat well
  • Party like the millionaires and billionaires
  • Atas lah, can show off with friends lor



You must be wondering, who to connect with to atleast enquire. Ask ask lor, don’t cost money what…..We found to be the most reliable service provider in this field. The reason is they are the oldest, modest, reasonable, provide customization and it’s a one-stop-shop for all your requirements to host an event or a party at sea. The reason why we choose them over other is there is an expert team behind this company. They have been in the industry since Year 2006 and have a large fleet of yachts for rent…they boast of over 40 yachts.


Their specialization is in Corporate events, Private parties, Team building programmes, Weddings and solemnizations. They provide food, beverages, décor, cakes, facilitators, videographers, photographers, DJ’s entertainers, hostesses, models, bartenders and more…basically everything you name, they will provide.

Not only do they provide yachts for rent for few hours within Singapore but they customize long voyages to scenic and unexplored islands. Fishing trips and adventure at sea is their forte…check this out

They are present on all social media platforms too. The reviews on their website, google and Facebook speak volumes about them and their passion for the industry.