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All Paws Aboard!

Yacht Bookings
Can't bear to leave home without Fido?

All Paws aboard!

Imagine…sun kissed skies, tranquil seas, a relaxing day out at sea on a beautiful luxury yacht with your family or friends and YOUR POOCH!

Yes, you read that right.

We understand how challenging it can be to find pet-friendly resorts or cruise ships on the island, but now you can bring him or her onboard your own private yacht! He or she will feel at home with you, snuggled up on deck sunbathing or jumping off the deck into the open seas!

Here are some of our luxury yachts that welcome your fur kids because we want to have fun with you too!

  1. Yacht Wagamari (One 15) - Starting from $1059
  2. Yacht Aquaholic (One 15) - Starting from $1000
  3. Yacht Leviathan888 (One 15) - Starting from $888
  4. Yacht Leviathan88 (One 15) - Starting from $788
  5. Yacht Fun at Sea (MKB) - Starting from $630
  6. Yacht Epic Ocean (One 15) - Starting from $699
  7. Yacht Ximula (One 15) - Starting from $1000
  8. Yacht Argon (One 15) - Starting from $850
  9. SynergyB (RSYC) - Starting from $600
  10. Why Knot 2 (MKB) - Starting from $599
  11. Sea Friends  (One 15) - Starting from $499
  12. Escapade - Starting from $1120

Contact us today to book a fabulous and memorable getaway to pamper yourself and your pooch.