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Super Yacht

Super Yachts or Mega Yachts are very expensive, privately owned,professionally crewed sailing or motor yachts. There is no industry-wide standard for the difference between super yacht and mega yacht. The only legal distinction between them is the length of the yacht - above 24 metres and above 50 metres respectively

Sailing Yacht

Plenty of them in South East Asia. Sailing yacht is a leisure craft that uses sails as its primary means of propulsion. They have a keel, centreboard and daggerboard. In recent years, these yachts have evolved from fairly simple vessels with basic accommodation into sophisticated and luxurious boats.

Motor Yacht

Commonly known as recreational yachts that normally range from 10 metres and above; and made of fibreglass, aluminium, steel or carbon fibre. Clever use of ergonomics allows interior space in the salon for a galley (kitchen), bedroom, navigation area and equipment plus large deck areas in some for relaxation.


A catamaran is a two hulled craft that derives stability on water from its wide beam that reduces the rocking motion. The two hulls are connected by a bridging structure with webbing.
Catamarans have large and spacious interiors and cabin space. Catamarans usually have a shorter draft than monohulls.


Monohulls use heavy, weighted keels suspended under water to keep the boat upright. In theory, no matter how much you heel, gravity will not let the keel come out of the water. We have a varied range in this category of yachts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Classic Yacht

Wooden yachts or even those built in an era not current. These yachts have a keel fitted in the lower portion of the hull for better directional stability and also keep the boat upright. Gravity will not let the keel come out of water no matter much how much the boat heels.

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Best known for its cultural diversity, colonial history, world-class shopping, varied cuisines, the F1 Grand Prix and the beaches of Sentosa Island, this tiny red dot has made its mark, not only with its infrastucture on land but also with its state-of-the-art marinas. If you're looking for the ideal and unique venue event - we highly recommend doing it on a motor or sailing luxury yacht charter in Singapore. Events on yachts are often far more impactful than just hiring another hotel meeting room. We have a full range of boats and activities for corporate entertainment, private parties or for unique, sailboat based, team building events.


The Malaysian waters are well protected and the sailing conditions are not very demanding. The main Malaysia yacht charter areas are Langkawi, Tioman and their surrounding islands. The Langkawi Archipelago is located in northwest Malaysia near the Thai border. The sailing area is north of the Strait of Malacca in the southern Andaman Sea and includes a group of 99 islands. Tioman is located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 30 nautical miles east of the mainland of the Malay Peninsula. The sailing area covers the entire archipelago between Tioman and Aur, and the islands off the coast of Mersing. The islands in the vicinity are all close together and ideal for island hopping. Pulau Rawa, Seri Buat, Tinggi, Sibu and Pemanggil are some of neighboring islands. Sebana Cove is another popular detination for sailing from Singapore. A two to five day voyage planning is required.


With astounding diversity, the islands of the Indonesian archipelago offer some of the world’s best diving, snorkelling, fishing spots. Extending over 5000 km from east to west, and over 1700 km north to south, the 17,000 plus islands make up the largest archipelago in the world. Its proximity to Singapore, makes the country even more attractive for a weekend getaway for 2-4 days to nearby islands like Mapur, Nikoi, Pulau Pankil, Bintan and Batam and even the most scenic Anambas Islands. Very few sailing experiences can compare with the culture, history and scenery that Indonesia has to offer, so why not be one of the few to properly explore the magical waters.


The best sailing destination in South East Asia. Thailand is located very close to the equator and outside the cyclone zone of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. That’s why it is possible to sail all the year around. The northeast monsoon (dry season) begins in November and ends in April. The wind speed during this time is between 5 and 20 knots (1 kn = 1.852 km/h) from northeast. The southwest monsoon (rainy season) begins in May and takes place until October. During this time there is much wind and better sailing conditions as in the dry season. From Singapore, if you are planning a voyage to Phuket and nearby islands, then a 12-15 days trip would be ideal. Charters from Phuket offers so much variety, culture and adventure that you'll be constantly amazed!


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